How to make balloon animals

How to make balloon animals easily

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    Make a basic twist. Inflate a balloon and tie it off at the end. Grasp it near the tie in your non-dominant hand. Use your dominant hand to twist the balloon a few times so that you create a separate balloon segment. In order to keep the balloon from untwisting, hold the two segments with one hand.

    • Use #260 balloons, which are long balloons designed for the purpose of being made into balloon animals. These are available at party stores and costume stores. Water balloons and party balloons can’t be twisted into animal shapes.
    • You can inflate the balloons using your lungs, but it’s far easier to use a small hand pump. These are available at toy stores and party stores that sell balloon supplies.
    • You should be able to grasp the balloon firmly without it popping. Keep your fingernails and jewelry away from the surface of the balloon so they don’t catch on the rubber and pop it. If the balloon seems to pop at the slightest touch, try using a higher-quality brand. Less expensive balloon brands use less rubber in their balloons, and the thinner surface area is much easier to pop.
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    Make a lock twist. Inflate a balloon, tie it off and make two basic twists close together, so that the balloon has a total of four segments. Hold all four segments in the same hand to keep them from coming untwisted. Use your other hand to grasp the two middle segments and gently hold them apart from the two end segments. Twist the two middle segments together three times, then hold up the balloon. The segments are now locked in place.

    • The lock twist is used to hold the balloon sculpture together, since without it the balloon comes untwisted.
    • The lock twist is also used to make small balloon animal ears and other animal features.
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    Make a fold twist. Inflate a balloon, tie it off and make one basic twist near the end. Holding the twist in place with one hand, use your other hand to fold the top of the balloon down. Grasp the twist and the top of the balloon and twist them together three times so that you form a loop. The balloon now has three segments: two end segments and one loop segment.

    • The fold twist functions like a lock twist, in that it prevents the balloon from becoming untwisted.
    • The fold twist is often used to create ears, noses, and other animal features.

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