Mind Reading Tricks

Mind Reading Tricks that Impress People

The best part is the excitement of performing it with friends and family and leaving them in a state of mixed feelings with surprise, delight and curiosity on how you just guessed what was on their mind. There is no super natural power assistance that The Revelation Effect provides you, but the simple mind reading tricks which can be performed easily in front of a crowd without the help of assistants, props, gimmicks, technological help or devices. It is just you, the person and The Revelation Effect. Trust me the enjoyment and excitement is completely worth the price you are paying. As the audience is left astonished with their jaws dropped and they actually believe you have read their mind.

Revealing the things on a person’s mind, telling the name of someone the person likes, guessing relationships a person thinks of, amaze people by your mind power and surprise the audience with your magic is a glimpse of what you can do with this strong and connecting mind trick video. You can even depict a drawing someone makes, by asking them to draw anything without making it visible to you and simply use the mind reading tricks you have learned to duplicate what the person drew. How amazing does that sound? If that is not enough than let me tell you something more to add up the list of miracles you can perform once you download The Revelation Effect.

It is the art of reading muscle movements which can lead you to the object in the room about which a person is thinking. I did this with my friend and she was speechless and thought I had some mystical powers guiding me. Since I have mastered the skill (which was the easiest thing to do after watching the tutorials) I am entertaining people and having a lot of fun with my new skills to amaze people around me.

The Revelation Effect truly knocks out the huge collection of methods used to read mind and can surely be performed with anyone at any time. When the trainer says the trick won’t fail, he really means it!

Watch video to learn mind reading methods step by step

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