Rubber band tricks to learn easy

I love to perform rubber band tricks. There is something really appealingin taking these everyday household objects and performing mini miracles

Below is a great routine of rubber band tricks that looks really impressive, but is quite easy to learn.

THE EFFECT: You take one ordinary rubber band between your fingers and a regular finger ring in your other hand. As if by magic you make the ring visually penetrate right ontothe rubber band. The ring is clearly on the rubber band, there is no mistake. Just as quick you remove the ring right off the band!

Again you show how you can make the ring penetrate onto the band this time on just one side, you remove it once more just as magically. Finally you place the ring on the rubber band at an angle and make the ring travel up the band against gravity!

Once the effects have been performed both the ring and band can be handed out for thorough examination. Spectators will find nothing! Watch the performance video above then I will show you how it’s all done…

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